Sun’s out and days are longer, time to start enjoying our garden again! With our large range of garden and outdoor lighting you never have to feel like you need to stay indoors for too long. Stay out in your garden longer even when the sun sets! Find below some inspiration for atmospheric and functional outdoor lighting.

Atmospheric setting

Want to enjoy a drink on the terrace after a long day or create the perfect wind-down after a family barbecue? Well, the right lighting will set the ideal atmospheric space to relax and continue to enjoy your garden even after the sun sets. The modern outdoor pole Malios is ideal for your garden, mount them around your garden or terrace as it gives out ambiance lighting. Get your favourite book, grab a cup of hot chocolate, and enjoy your evening in the garden with the perfect atmospheric lighting!

Functional + atmosphere = perfection

It’s important to have the right outdoor light for different areas. For your front door, its ideal to have a light with a sensor, this is perfect to help you get into your home when its dark and ideal to deter intruders. You can choose between a motion sensor or dusk to dawn lighting. Driveways or garden paths use ground spotlights, our ground spotlight Delux creates both functional and atmospheric lighting emitting light to allow you to see but create perfect ambiance lighting.

When it comes to outdoor lighting pay attention to their IP value/classification to ensure that they are suitable for where you will use them:

  • IP44 Value – the lamp is only splash-proof, it is only suitable for covered areas.
  • IP65 Value – the lamp is protected against direct contact with water, snow and wind overall better protection for weather elements.
  • IP67 Value and above – the lamp is waterproof and suitable for underwater use such as a pond or around the swimming pool.

Want to be inspired more with our garden lights? Check out our Trends & Inspiration page to see how you can make a lighting plan for your garden.