Ceiling Medallions


Here you'll find a great choice of different designs and sizes of ceiling medallions, all handmade from the finest materials and at competitive prices.

We keep large stocks so we can deliver them to you in a timely manner.

What Are Ceiling Medallions For?

Ceiling medallions are decorative ornaments that provide the function of hiding the hole and mess made in the ceiling by the electrics and light fittings as they enter the ceiling. Traditionally they were made from plaster, but ours are all lightweight ceiling medallions made from modern polymer materials.

Frequently they are the only decorative element on a ceiling, and so can provide a real stand-out feature, transforming a room for relatively little cost.

How To Choose The Right Ceiling Medallion?

Sizing a ceiling medallion traditionally worked in conjunction with the chandelier that hung from it. The eye sees both the medallion and the chandelier as a single element. For proportion, the medallion would be about the same width as the chandelier, or a bit smaller.


For style, if you are looking at traditional ceiling medallions, you can either go plain – our best sellers just feature concentric circles – or introduce patterns to the room, like egg and dart or acanthus leaf. If you already have patterns on other features, like cornice, try not to clash with these and pick a style that is sympathetic.

Unlike other products we can’t send out samples of ceiling medallions unfortunately, but we are available on the end of the phone to help in any other way we can. So, if you need any advice, please do give us a call.

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