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Chandelier Lights Buying Guide

A chandelier is undoubtedly a light that captures attention. Its form is often flamboyant, although there are also more discreet varieties. Baroque Chandeliers will satisfy your craving for sumptuousness, or consider instead a designer chandelier to add an original touch to your decor. There are even some in bright colours which assure you of a unique and contemporary style. Also, you can enjoy many new materials used today for these fixtures. There are crystals of course, but also glass or acrylic chandeliers for more affordable models which allows you to secure a dazzling chandelier at low cost. These structures are often made from nickel or brass, but there are also transparent or coloured models.

These pendant lights can be installed just about anywhere in your home. Some models are adjustable in height, so that you can install one even if you do not have very high ceilings. Chandeliers for living rooms are one of the most requested lights, along with chandeliers for the bedroom. Be careful in the bathroom, very few of these lights are sufficiently protected against splashing water. Other pendant or ceiling lights are more suited for installation in bathrooms.

Chandeliers customized to your needs

The LED revolution spread into all lighting areas. You will also find on our website a selection of LED chandeliers that will help you save energy costs considerably in the long term. This is very practical when you consider that the majority of chandeliers have a minimum of 5 bulbs. There are also no complications when using LED bulbs in chandeliers with traditional E14 or E27 sockets. There are even candle-shaped light bulbs to keep the candlestick look of crystal chandeliers

The definition of chandelier has somewhat evolved, this category now also includes cottage style lights. The main principle is that these fixtures are suspended and with lights separated at the end of its arms, while its lighting can be directed either upwards or downwards. We have also grouped a selection of ceiling lights with fans for you as a 2-in-1 light that is practical in both summer and winter.

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Thousands of constantly refreshed products and brand name fixtures, high-end lights, designer chandeliers, and an exceptional quality-to-price ratio are a few of the many benefits you receive when you buy your lights through our specialist online lighting shop. With an online presence for more than 10 years, we are happy to put all of our experience in the lighting field at your disposal.

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