Swing Arm Wall Lamp



Our collection of wall mounted swing arm lamps and bedside wall lighting includes finishes such as brass, antique brass and chrome. There is no better way for the avid reader to enjoy a good book, snuggled up in bed alongside a conveniently placed extending wall light.

Sit comfortably on their favourite chair, read a book, sew or knit with the help of a swing arm wall lamp. Both styles of lamp are a popular choice for the bedroom for use as a reading lamp. With many modern designs now including a high power flexible LED lamp and some even having touch dimmer control.

Bedside wall lighting is most often positioned on the bed wall itself whereas swing arm wall lights whilst still being positioned on the wall behind your bed are much nearer to your sitting up position. They are sometimes classed as extending wall lights, as they have a swivel join allowing them to be pulled out from the wall and positioned over your book.

The swing arm wall lights are supplied complete with a hard backed or lined lampshade. The reason this type of shade is used, is to stop the majority of light being filtered through the sides so it is directed downwards, to give the reader a more concentrated light.

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